Updating a Blueprint script repeatedly

This is an extremely nooby question, but I wasn’t able to figure it out. How do I keep updating a blueprint script repeatedly while, lets say, I’m holding a button. Let say I want to keep spawning cubes while I’m holding the right mouse button, or I want an Add local rotation to keep rotating a blueprint mesh. Any help would be appreciated

You can do it like this…

Event Tick… Thanks!

You dont need “while” in bluepint, because you can loop the node circuits yourself (action input accepts more then one link) and control escape from it by using gates or other some swiching nodes

Keep in mind tick is called on every frame, it means call rate depends on user fps. DeltaSecounds output secounds between frames, it let scale varable changes (by multipling delta time with changes like additons or substractions) making them time dependent not frame rate dependent. In case of spawning you should create loop with delay or timer with interval which call funtion every specific time

Yes, this is the most basic way to set it up, which could cause the mesh to rotate at different speeds on different speed devices. To fix that, you would want to multiply your rotation value by delta time. You would also have to make the rotation value larger if multiplying by delta time.

The picture in your answer here illustrates this well. (Just replace Fire Impulse with Spawn Cube.)