Updates through Subscription

Hi, I’ve got a rather specific question about updates and the like.

If I purchase a subscription now (for the sake of argument, let’s say I can only get one month for now), and at the time of purchase, the engine is on version 4.1, if during that month 4.2 is released, am I entitled to that update? Or does that only become available to me if I pay for the second month of subscription?

Same for if another update comes out. Say I buy a single month subscription, and 4.2 comes out the next day, and I download that, but say a few days before my subscription is up, 4.3 comes out (I’m not sure how likely this scenario is, since it’s sort of painted as a “monthly updates” thing). Will I be able to get the 4.3 version, download and use it before my subscription runs out?

Also I think I know the answer to this question, but for the sake of clarity I’ll ask anyway. Say I paid for it a few months ago, and at that time, it was only at version 4.2, but when I decide to resubscribe, and the version was currently at 4.5 or something, am I able to jump straight to 4.5? Or do I have to pick back up and only have access to 4.3 for that month? Again, I’m pretty sure I already know the answer, but just to be sure I thought I’d ask anyway.

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

I think you’re overthinking it just a little too much. :slight_smile:

Essentially it works that while you’re subscription is active you are entitled to what is currently on the marketplace for free and to the current version (and previous versions, if I’m not mistaken) of the engine.

If you subscribe and it’s 4.1.1 right now. Let’s say in a week or two 4.2 comes out. you’re subscription, if you only do one month, is good until 7/2. Anything released during that time is good download.

For the next question, you’re not paying for the version number by month. It’s not like they are stored and waiting release and you have to buy the previous versions to get the latest. You are paying to get updates, use of the engine with the updates that are made available, and to utilize the free example content from Marketplace.

You can also check the FAQ on UnrealEngine.com for some more clarity on anything. It throws a similar example to your questions out there.


Excellent, thank you for clarifying that. Have a nice day!