UPDATES - Is the dev kit up to date???

Just wondering if the new bear, manta and other goodies are actually in the dev kit? I don’t see anything for them…

Same as it ever was: DevKit Update takes some time after the game patch released. With half of the planned update delayed and PAX coming up i would not count on a quick update this time.

okie so once again we have to wait. LOL

I’m confused by this word you use, Update… One does not simply receive updates to the ADK, don’t be silly.

The adk update wont be late until we are atleast 5-10 versions behind ARK so have patience my friend :slight_smile:

Hows it silly to update the ADK with things you are adding to the game? you ever make games before sir?
just because the devs kits in house has something, doesn’t mean the kit they release to the public has it as well.

It’s silly that you think we get updates. We don’t get updates, they happen every month or 3.

One does not simply receive updates to the ADK. First you have to take the Hobbits to Isengard and then you get the ring. When mount doom is sated, you shall receive the patch from 2 months ago.

I think your sarcasm is being wasted… it’s always a sad day when sarcasm is wasted.


ahhh ****…i’m sorry I didn’t realize. I am very tired from moving and unpacking…
Sorry I came across dickish.