Updates for Android Game


So i just released my game, the night run.

And i realized that when i do updates (upload new apk) the save games of my build in editor get sent in the update so basicly players loose their stats for mine, I hope i am clear enough, not easy to explain.

So how would I update my game without updating the savegames?


Ok, so i found this config in vars i can check save game ( serializes) hopefully this works, because otherwise the peopel who have my game will have to start over every update!

Well after compiling, and launching, Ticking the save game box in variable config didn’t help, when uploading the new apk, i lost the saved data again!

When you uploading a new build, you or the user will need to auto/manual update the game from PlayStore, save data will remain safely in the device, and will includes/updates new additional save data if any.

Try updating the game via PlayStore, instead of installing from editor/ local (not uploaded yet) packaged .apk to see how your save data behave after you make a changes to your game.

Well the thing is i can’t update from play store, because it is a paid app, and apparently i can’t pay my own app to test (i am in testers list etc…) so i have to install from editor.

So you think people who update from google play will not have their save games erased?

If so, thank you for the answer, good day :slight_smile:

So, i finally decided to put my app for free on the store, i can now update and install directly from the store, i may think that the save games actualy work now and don’t get updated, so im guessing its the save game box that i checked for all my vars in my save gameblueprint in editor!


  1. If I’m not mistaken, when your app is placed in Alpha stage, all testers can make a test-purchase, which let the tester goes through the buy process but does not charge anything in the end. This is the same with TestFlight in Apple.

  2. Yes, and glad to know your issue is fixed :slight_smile:

Easy solution for this:

  1. Buy the game, then refund. You’ll keep owning the game (Yay Google Licensing, people abuse this)
  2. Create Promotion campaign, make a Code to get your game for free. Use this for yourself/friends/family/whomever you want to have test your game).

Well now the problem and i bet you all have this, to update the game you have to uninstall the game from your phone and install the newer version, as there is no patch system for ue4 for android

so when game is uploaded to palystore it cant be updated automaticly ?
i have a project with updates for players , i only want to know how to update the game at mobiles and desktopat the sametime, i think desktop is easy , but i dont know anything about android updating

my save games dont save when i update my game. How do i solve that? It doesnt save in the playstore after i update the game