[Updated] TopDown Toolkit v1.2 - networking and 4.7

Hi all,

i know it took me far longer that i would’ve liked, but in the end i keep my promises :wink:

The TopDown Toolkit has been updated and already submitted to Epic:


  • 4.7 support
  • Multiplayer / Network support
  • Sample RTS Camera with configurable border-scroll-speed
  • Added a Fire-trap (every topdown game should have one of these :wink: )

Small changes:
- various small bug fixes
- Enemies can now be configured to directly chase the player as soon as they spawn without any LOS checks etc
- cleanup of the included skill system / made it more readable

Whats in the pipeline?

  • Rewrite of functionality to Blueprint Components
    What does it mean?
    This is probably the most important thing after networking support. For example there will be a “HealthComponent”
    that you can assign to a character. He then automatically has health and reacts to damage, without the need to copy blueprint networks around (quite similar to components in Unity)

When will it be done?
Originally i wanted to release this already along with the Update for 4.7, unfortunately there is an issue currently with Blueprint Actor Components not replicating correctly.
As soon as Epic fixed that, i will release an update that contains the change to Components, as most of it is already finished and just has to be tested internally.

- Video tutorials coming soon!

If you have any request for features that you would like to see included in the next update, just post it here and if its feasible i will most probably get it in.


Dude … good job. 8-}

looking forward to the fixes … thanks for your hard work. 8-}

Question, when I hit play on the demo map all I get is the normal testing fly through, is there some setup steps I am missing to test the features? Looks great though.

Hey williamian,

what exactly do you mean with “testing fly through”, do you mean that you dont get the correct topdown view?
If thats the case, may i ask you when you downloaded the toolkit? There was a rather big update published to the marketplace 2 days ago which also fixed the issues customers had with missing config files, maybe you missed that one.

When you go to the launcher, you should have a “i” next to the toolkit in your library; if not, could you try to remove the item from your library and redownload it through the launcher?

If that doesnt help, please come back to me per mail, we will find a solution for that issue.


Hi I just bought your toolkit and it says that you can use LEFT mouse button for movement as well as melee damage however it doesn’t do anything when I click LEFT mouse button on enemy no matter where I stand it will just move to him without doing any damage or animation etc.


it seems that i missed this functionality when i refactored everything into components for 4.8.
This functionality will be re-enabled in the next update.

If you send me an email to with a copy of the receipt you got from Epic when buying the toolkit, i can give you a download link for the update as soon as its finished (most probably in the course of next week).

Sorry for the issues you have,

Hello, should this be listed in the Vault as ‘‘Add to Project’’ or ‘‘Create Project’’? It’s the former for me and I did wonder if that had anything to do with the left mouse button issue, seems like it should be something you build on rather than add to something else.

Nice template :slight_smile:



it SHOULD be “Create Project”, but there is a bug in the launcher that shows the wrong label :). When you click the button it should present you with the correct create project dialog nevertheless (see the sticky marketplace faq thread for more info on this issue).

And yes, its generally built more as a template to build on.


Hello Indy, yes I’ve seen the wrong labelling before on other products, annoying but no big deal, as long as it does the right thing in the end!

However, yours is asking for a project to add to when you click on it, not for the name and location of a new project to create.


You are so absolutely right, just tried it myself and its only “Add to Project” now.

Anyone reading this thread, please do not add it to an existing project that already has content inside! This will either override your existing GameMode / Input settings (if overwrite dialog acknowledged with “yes”) or have all the settings missing (if “no” was selected). Please create a new empty project and add it in there instead!

I guess this issue came in with the latest update of the launcher, when the vault was restructured; seems like it doesnt like that the Toolkit has different binaries for each version (4.6/4.7/4.8, each time there were breaking Blueprint API changes in UE4).

I already opened a Ticket at Epic for this issue, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for notifying me man!



quick update, this will be fixed by Epic on monday, afterwards it should work correctly again to create a project instead of adding it.

Thanks for your patience!


Epic fixed everything now within their maintance, now you are able to create new projects for the toolkit again.


Sir can I use your tool kit to make a 2d top down shooter like enter the Gungeon?