Updated from 4.16.3 to 4.17.1 and now UE crashes when I press play on project

I downloaded the latest version last night after I started getting compile error messages that talked about bBeginPlayTime being used inconsistently or something. I no longer get any compile error messages in VS or UE but when I press play (in view port or otherwise) then the editor instantly crashes. This happens to
both the original versions of the project (4.16 and 4.17) which is strange because it never happened before. It might be something really simple but I’m so new to this it’s just baffling to me.

Crash Report

Disable Compilation Manager in the Projects Settings. At the moment, it’s mostly causing trouble for any moderately complex project that has transitioned from any previous version.

Tried that but it doesn’t appear to fix the issue. My version in 4.16 crashes in the exact same way.

You could have a look at this component, it seems to be causing problems:

Error: pot2 missing physics handle
Error: pot2 missing input component
Warning: Red_Pot_Bp14_38 is at
X=-3905.211 Y=4142.792 Z=-500.406
Warning: Red_Pot_Bp17 is at
X=-2570.211 Y=3997.792 Z=-500.406