Updated AI Documentation

Since the previous release, the Learning Resources team has been hard at work refactoring the AI documentation to bring it up to date. We’ve also consolidated it into its own new section entitled, Artificial Intelligence. Housed under the new AI section is information about Behavior Trees, the Environmental Query System (EQS), AI Perception, and AI Debugging information.

Behavior Trees and EQS have new Quick Start Guides that have been streamlined to quickly get you up to speed and working with these systems. User Guides and Blueprint Node reference pages have also been added to provide context and information about the various nodes and options available within the AI tools.

The Learning Resources team will continue to update this new section with additional guides and information related to AI in the future, along with more Twitch Streams and Sample Projects showcasing what’s possible with the AI tools in UE4.

If you were curious about AI before and wasn’t quite sure where to get started, now is a perfect time to jump back into the AI documentation and start working with the toolset!

Awesome! A minor issue, but hovering the images in this AI section result in some broken tooltips (I have checked some random other topics, I didn’t find any other occurrences):


Thanks for bringing this up! The AI section was authored in the previous content management system and migrated over to our new site which produced these tooltip errors. It occurs on other pages on the site where content was migrated over (attached an image from a different section). This has caused us to start an internal discussion on how we want to handle this and an update should be made to fix them relatively soon.

Please bring any other issues to our attention and we will address them!


When I currently search for UE4 AI in google or Behaviour trees I get to this page https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Gameplay/AI/index.html which is confusing and with broken links.