Update variable during timer by function

Hi! I am really new to blueprinting, and coding, in general but I am trying to learn. This, however, has me stumped. Please help! :slight_smile:

So I’ve made an Input Fire event that is supposed to loop the fire being shot, but the Current Fire Rate variable won’t update as long as the function is looping, even when the actor picks up ‘‘fire rate’’ pick ups meant to change the fire rate. I have a HUD telling me what my current fire rate is and the actual value of the variable changes, but the loop will only use the value that was when the input first happened.

Added are the pictures of the function timer itself, and then the Fire Shot function the timer is calling.

As I said, even though in-game events cause the CurrentFireRate variable to change, it won’t apply to timer unless I let go of the input and enter it again.

Any ideas?