Update Unreal Engine in Launcher or no?

Anyone updated to the new engine yet? If you have, have there been any problems with the ADK? Wondering if I should hold off updating or update it now.

I updated fine, but lots of other people say they can’t get it. Use the verify function on the launcher to catch the update.

u may not be able to alot of people are having the same problem verified 6 times now just waiting on a proper response from ark dev team but hopefully it works for u

Yep just tested it now it download 14mb and removed the steamcmd and some other files, but didn’t do an update at all, still running on 197.1…

I think there needs to be more public response from Studio Wildcard on issues with the Dev Kit not working/updating/cooking/uploading, maybe we can get our own Dev to work with regularly in these situations, as information on why/when will stop causing days of trouble for most people.

*Edit: It also rearranged the viewports back to default… that was not necessary =\ its pawned