Update tutorial and documentation

It extreme difficult follow your out dated tutorial and documentation in your web site.
I have noticed Unreal Engine upgrade version is ahead your webmaster.
Other than that the engine is great!

what is outdated about it? how would you improve it?

do you want it to reflect 4.15 version?

I download the latest version of Unreal 4.15 and was referring from the tutorial

I was unable to follow because the Unreal in the tutorial was the older version.

I’m agree with Framecount,

currently I look at the video series “Skeleton Assets” and have problems with version 4.15 to recreate what is shown.
Videolink: Skeleton Assets

example: In video 02 “importing, sharing, …”, if I import the couchknights character, I get the message “failed to merge bones”, if I click “no” and try to create a new skeleton for the charakter (explained later in the same video) with double click the skeleton-mesh, I can’t create a new Skeleton, just “… hierarchy doesn’t match with skeleton anymore. would you like to regerate skeleton”. If I click yes, the other characters with the default skel-mesh doesn’t work anymore.

That seems reasonable… The documentation should reflect the shipping version of the engine.


well it is true that some of the stuff in documentation is outdated, but yeah, when you want to try something related to documentation and mirror in the engine, you realize it doesn’t have the same name, or an asset is not in the same place, or a blueprint has different instances, like teak421 says, the doc should reflect the current engine version

This comment is about the 4.14.3 version of UE4. As someone who is just starting out learning the engine, these mismatched tuts are bananas confusing and it’s not just the website that’s the problem. I’ve been going through the in software tuts that are supposed to walk you through the basics and things start to really go south when you get to the parts about adding code and working with animating sprites. Generally in the tutorials, sometimes obvious areas of interest aren’t getting highlighted. The bolded terminology in the text windows referencin actual terms aren’t current with the newest engine half the time it seems. I don’t think the Paper2D Flipbook editor tut even brings up the correct editor. I’m supposed to be able to see the frames and edit their duration, but I don’t see anything that looks like a timeline.

That said, I’m still excited to learn UE4 and I’m convinced that there’s a bright future in learning this game engine! Thanks!

Here’s a perfect example of the problems myself and possibly others are facing. This is from the Landscape Painting tutorial. Does anyone see a “plus sign icon” that’s “to the right of the magnifying glass”? Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.45.46 PM.png

Hello I’m having the same problem. No plus sign icon. I am completely new to unreal. This sucks.

Hey! Thanks for reaching out to us. The image and doc referenced about are pretty out of date. For a more updated guide to creating Landscapes, I’d check out this page:…ion/index.html.