update to verson 4.23

Thanks… however after a good amount of time tonight being run around in circles with the launcher downloads and "launcher running"error, and no idea how to stop it from running… I uninstalled my version 4.22 and deleted my version 4.22 files from my harddrive and that is that with Unreal. If you can’t provide an “intuitive” updater… forget you. I am gone from unreal. Never actually used it and will never will try to use it in the future. I do not have the time to ramble in the forums of dinkie doodle crap.

I tried out several popular game engines to see from my own perspective which one should I pick up and invest learning time.
Unreal is awesome, so many features and so complete framework. and the C++ code is well designed, my favorite part of the engine.
downside being that one needs a monster PC to work comfortably (I’m about to upgrade my PC far beyond recommendations anyway).

Launcher issue is a joke, most likely something trivial you were not able to solve, If you give up just because of some launcher bug that’s funny, if you find some better engine let me know :wink: