Update to Marketplace Search Functionality

Hi everyone.

In an ongoing effort to improve search and discoverability on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, the team has implemented our first feature of planned changes coming to the Marketplace - tags. You can now filter items within your Unreal Engine Marketplace searches by tags, which introduces a deeper granularity of classification than previously available and enhances your ability to discover particular kinds of products.

Known Issues:

  • Products filtered by tags may not be ordered correctly by published date.

  • Workaround: Apply any “Sort By” parameter, such as Sort By: Newest.

  • If a tags filtered search yields more than one page of results, navigating to any other page will reset the Tags filter to 0.

  • Workaround: In the address bar, change “tag” to “tags” and then press Enter.

If you encounter any unexpected behavior or have suggestions on how we can improve functionality, please create a Marketplace Bug Report or General Feedback case here.

Future Search and Sorting Updates

Updates to the Marketplace landing page, with a focus on discoverability, are currently in progress. This will make filters and tags more visible and easier to use, as well as present additional information about what kinds of products are available within the Marketplace. Search and sorting improvements will continue to be iterated upon while other features for the site undergo development.

I have seen it !
Great Marketplace team!

"Known Issues:

  • Products filtered by tags may not be ordered correctly by published date."

The default should be random until a sorting option is chosen.

Publishing date is irrelevant because it doesn’t take updates into consideration.
It should stay optional, there is nothing preventing you from sorting it by date.
Search results currently display relevant results first, then the rest that just happen to have a tag there because “why not”.

“The default should be random”

I am still waiting for a changelog feature and a notification when an asset that I don’t have locally installed gets updated.