Update to Featured Section

Hi everyone,

With the implementation of the search and sort functionality, it is time to update our featured section to adapt and grow with these changes. We have received tons of feedback on a number of aspects of featuring, from the Community Interest Poll to what content is featured and for how long.

We will no longer be featuring every new asset over the course of a week. Instead, 3 assets will be selected from the new releases to be featured for the week.

Each week we will select a theme for 3 of the featured slots, and these can come from any section on the Marketplace.

The last three will be up to Epic’s discretion to decide how to use. These may be staff picks or pulled from the most popular assets, etc.

In addition to this, we will no longer be using the Community Interest Poll. While the information gained was useful, it was meant as a temporary solution until we could put forth somethign more efficient. With the addition of various tools, we now have more options available to us.

Finally, we will no longer be accepting requests to have items featured. All featuring will be done through the above methods.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me on the forums or send a ticket to [EMAIL=“”]


The Marketplace Team