Update to 4.1.1

I saw few post talking about this update that makes a hot fix to the compiling shaders problem.
I would like to know if is already available or is still work in progress?


Hi davi211

The 4.1.1 update is currently available for our Source users on GitHub. We are still working on getting it available for our Launcher users, and will post an update on the forums once it is ready.


That’s great.
Any chance to know when will be available on launcher more or less ?

Thanks again

Hopefully by later today we will allow Launcher users the ability to opt-in to the update (like a preview). But depending on a number of things, I cannot guarantee that timeframe.

Stay tuned.

The 4.1.1 preview is now available for all. Please view the forum post:

4.1.1 hotfix update now available - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums