Update "timer" function names across project if a function is renamed

As the title says. It’s minor but would be a nice little time saver sometimes. I realize its a freetext field. [Feature Request] - Update time function names across project if a function is renamed

There is no reasonable way for us to do this since, as you know, it is just a free text field.

That said, with 4.9 the use of the by name timer functions have been deprecated and the use of the event set timer functions will be encouraged and those functions do update correctly when the renaming occurs.

Woah, I hope it will still be possible to set timers for events/functions with are not on the same event graph? Currently it’s simply not possible to link delegates which aren’t in the same window…

You actually can using the Create Event node. By connecting it to a delegate input node and an object output node it provides you a list of functions available on that object which meet the necessary signature. There is definitely some polish that could be useful on the node, but the functionality is there.

Could you please enter a feature request for a better set timer node? At the moment there are 3 nodes needed to set a timer for a function. If the Set Timer node would just have the “Create Event” node “embedded”, that would be best, so that if I want to start a timer I only create a “Set timer” node where I can select the Target (with a default value of “self”) and based on the target I can select the functions and events from a drop down menu.

I also noticed the timer doesnt run the function if the function has any inputs tied to it. Is this by design? The inputs don’t always need inputs in them for the function to be relevant. In such a case I must create a dummy function with no inputs that simply runs the intended function. And then have the timer run the dummy function to run the intended one.

We were just discussing this morning a method of displaying the create event type elements directly on any delegate input pin as our UI team on Fortnite uses them a lot and find having to make the create event burdensome as well. Possibly a split pin type approach which splits the delegate in to an object input and function dropdown was one idea, but the desire to do something along those lines is known.

It is by design, delegate signatures are inherently well-defined, so a timer expects a parameter less function and supplying any other function won’t work because it wouldn’t be able to store it in its delegate pointer variable, nor would it know how to invoke it for an arbitrary set of inputs.