Update sprite animation when holding jump key in mid-air once on ground

Here’s my problem:

My character’s sprite flipbook animations are Idle, Run, Jump, Fall, and Crouch (which is the animation for my charge jump). They all work except for when the player holds the jump key while in the air and continues holding it once on the ground. Once they’re on the ground the flipbook doesn’t know to update to the run flipbook and leaves the character “sliding” on the ground in the crouch animation. The character should only be able to show the crouch animation when they’re still (the game is programmed to halt movement when holding crouch).

It seems to me that the issue is an animation one as the mechanics seem to work, the animation just doesn’t update to show that the player is technically in their running state and leads to confusion.

Here’s my switch tree for the animations, any help is greatly appreciated as I’ve been having trouble with this visual bug for a few days now.

If you have the answer to this or any ideas on how to solve the problem, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!