Update speed with a curve

Hello, is there any tutorial showing how to make the speed of the character (i’m using the standard stuff in 3rd person template) accelerate/decelerate with a curve?
thank you

any help pls?

I would suggest looking into timelines, and updating the character’s movement speed on a timed interval. I haven’t found any really good tutorials on this, but there are some really good “smooth crouching” tutorials on YouTube, the forums, and AnswerHub. Try to read/watch some of those and incorporate that same principal into movement speed. The only thing I’ve found about doing it that way is that sometimes you will run into friction issues.

  1. Add new Timeline
  2. Add a float track
  3. Create your curve
  4. Check if the character is moving or not (axis value == 0)
    My first approach would look like that: (yeah it’s not beautiful, but you should be able to understand it :slight_smile: )

While this isn’t exactly what you requested, this uses curves to adjust speed based on the angle of a surface.