Update - Sort Functionality

Hi everyone,

As of today we have officially launched the first iteration of our new search and sort functionality for your use. This will be experiencing multiple iterations over the next few months as more functionality is added and improved. To use this feature, you can select the Sort By or Filters buttons, as seen below:



As always we would love to hear your feedback on the sort features so we can continue to improve them. Please feel free to message me or send an email to [EMAIL=“”] with any comments or concerns.


The Marketplace Team

Awesome! /10

I wasn’t expecting another update so soon after the last. Really exciting to see these changes being implemented, and rapidly at that. Keep up the great work. =)

Awesome; and isn’t “ugly” like that other store…

Please add a way to sort by rating and votes so it’s easier to find popular and high rated assets on the store

I’m sure that will be added, along with tags which have been long awaited. =)

Wow nice work guys! These updates are awesome!

So many awesome store front updates!

Daium, did not expected it that soon!
Looking forward to new sorting options

Thanks for your work! <3

Awesome, thanks!
Don’t forget to add the ability to sort by “last updated” to incentivize sellers to update their packs…

This. Though they would need to have a way to differentiate between pack updates that were just for new UE versions and those that weren’t as not all packs need updating for new versions :stuck_out_tongue:

I really dislike the sort by recently updated idea. We had the same thing in a feedback thread some months ago. It’s too easily abused. You would need an extra Epic employee checking how large the update is and if it justifies being listed as recently updated or not.

In addition, there are packs where updates beside bugfixes and new engine version just don’t make sense. The creator would be forced to release an incomplete half-baked version just to be able to update it later.

Yes, I meant larger updates, like adding content or functionality… But, I agree, somebody would have to check these updates manually, just like you said. I don’t think creators will be releasing incomplete versions on purpose just to abuse the system… If the pack is not good enough on release, low ratings will do it a long term harm.

The points about abuse are valid concerns though, even if I do agree that I don’t think a half-baked pack would get released for this reason. That said… there are a number of other things Epic are bringing to the marketplace that could alleviate the need for the recently updated so we’ll just have to see what else they bring. I do think that creators that add value to their pack over time do deserve a little spotlight though for sure.