update rotation node?

Im still trying to make this combo lock to get three combo locks to align to play a matinee cut scene where a door opens. I think I need to create a function and then have that update rotation and set a rotation to be a certain degree. Unfortunately I need to set the rotation to update another blueprint where the combo lock is pressed in, if the position is incorrect, it comes back out and plays a tone. I am so confused by this for some reason. Can anybody point me in the right direction it is not going to be updated by a trigger box (which somebody had mentioned to me. So I can only pressume that it has to be an event tick connected to it.


here is how far I am, I believe im headed the right direction but I’m not sure. I tried promoting the value of the rotation to a variable because I believe it is a variable to the event, and I connected those variables through to the sequence node and then to the matinee play node. Am I headed the right direction here?

as i said you in your other thread, you have all what you need in the content example. I just did a try with the BP_Interactive_Crank from the Blueprint_communication map. I used it to do a three cranks in a blueprint (i added a box as root to have them not parent) : c1cd6c48579334800a09452210b55b306a70ffa3.jpeg
Then from initial blueprint, a few modifications : in grab interact : 8de2e99fa3bd478bcf6e2b262d9d4a1f15b6034a.png
in event graph :
overlap actions : 339b6a01257cd254abdf1c0d9e22bf83846b062f.png
the initial rotate crank modified : b09a32c05153730bcc241120b910f773f4349867.png
and the check position to set a text visible : 455d3a64f0fc37ed675caebebc7441b67ba75cd4.png
i divided by 10 rounded and multiply by 10 to have 10 to 10 wheel but you can have a 1 to 1 by deleting it.

variables added : new wheel : to know which wheel to activate / Active : to know which trigger is overlaped / activated : To know which wheel focus.

If the drag system is not in your idea (you’ll have to set it better), replace it by a on click “set relative rotation” "relative rotation + 10. it will go only in one way but will maybe easier, depending on your system.

Then instead of set text visibility, you activate your door blueprint. (or add it in this one and activate door)

okay this makes a bit of since now. I went into the blueprint for the blueprint communication in the example map and did not understand how it tied in cause it was only one when I needed three. the issue I was having was having was I did not understand how to turn rotation into a vector, when I figured it out I could not get the matinee to respond to the event. One of the main issues I had was there were 19 points of interest involved in the event, multiplied by three. entirely too much. so we dropped it down to 6 times 3 and it became considerably less challenging. If that makes since, thanks fen.

I am happy that helps you. when i saw this morning that you were always in trouble with that, it made me sad (i know that feeling when you are on something since so long and you can’t find a decent solution : i am fighting with an ai walker / car / traffic light system since few days (it was for the game jam huhuhu) and for now the AI wins ^^)