Update Reflection Capture on Rumtime

now that i solved my UMG / Material Change >problem<](UMG controlling a Blueprint - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums) I have a new problem

I get the materials to change, i.e. the floor. But when my wood floor switches to a carpet, the reflections in the glass and other reflective surfaces are still of the wood…
Can I update reflection captures during runtime?

I thought of turning the ReflectionCapture objects into Blueprints, give them a Custom event that fires a “Update Capture” and then trigger these each time a new material has been chosen via UMG Material Switching…

My problem is: I cannot find a node that says something like “update Capture” and my Google-Fu is kinda low today and I cannot find anything about this…

Can you tell me if
a) this is possible during runtime
b) a node that can actually do this
c) my idea of linking the blueprints make any sense

Thank you very much and have a great day!