Update project - am I missing something?

Hey guys.

So I went to load an old project created with 4.0.2 with 4.1.0 just now and it said: “The game module <name> does not appear to be up to date. This may happen after updating the engine. Please recompile this module and try again”.

So, how are you supposed to achieve the recompile? Wouldn’t it be far more user friendly to ask for permission and if granted kick off the compile steps automatically?

Is this going to happen after every engine update?

Confused that this hasn’t been raised before, although might just be I’ve missed it.

When you use your own scripts, then you will have to recompile it in vs -> open the gamename.sln file - choose your project - then in the upper bar beside debugger you have to choose “development editor” - and then just debugg it. (I’m not 100% sure those are the steps -> the programmer from my team showed it to me some months ago ^^, but just try it out with a copy of your project :p)

When I’m wrong please correct me :wink: