Update links to specific

The guides/tutorials in the engine have a lot of links for further explanation, most of the links just go to the main front page.

Sometimes you must try a couple of times.

Lol, I can figure out to search there myself, but it just an extra process, which dont need to be there.

What I meant was, sometimes when you click on a link and you end up in the main page, you just need to go back and click again on the link and this time (most of the times) it will send you to the actual page. Which is a weird behavior.

ah got it, yes it works the second time and yes a bit weird. It seems like you only need to do that the first time though.

Can you provide some specific examples of the links you are clicking when you see this behavior? We aren’t seeing it on our end, but would like to try and track down what is causing it.

For example, I just tried to open this link:

The first time I clicked it sent me to: , but, on the second time and the next ones, it sent me to the right page.

Also, after showing the right page, all other links usually work fine, at least for a while.

PS: using Firefox browser.

EDIT1: I just waited 15 min without opening any documentation page, and I clicked again on the link above, and it sent me to the “Unreal Engine 4 Documentation” page. On the second click, it worked just fine.

EDIT2: Chrome doesn’t seem to suffer from this issue. So, it seem to be a Firefox issue.