Update Game at Users While Improving Android Game (Blueprint, Mobile Packaging, Versioning)

Hi Dear UE Community,

I will have some questions. First of all I hope that you are all fine.

I want to write update mechanism for my game, (Please keep in mind that I didnt put my game to googleplay yet. I try to manage it for test users.)
My Plan is,

  • Create a package with true version,
  • Upload it to cloud server (bitbucket) via Sourcetree or Tortoise
  • Check updates in game.
  • Download

What I follow is…ackagingWizard

After this one it creates 2 folders APP and HTTPchunks
Later on I pass to this documentary,…/PatchingNodes

My Questions are :
1- In the veryfirst “Working With Pending Content” screenshot, there is “Request Content” node.
There is remote Manifest URL and Cloud URL.
What should I write there.
2- Also Cloud server will require username and password where should I write them.
3- Where is my Pak file.
4- How can I do true versioning, there is two places that I write version
a - Project settings
b - Project launcher
5- Do you have tutorial related with that. Please can you guide me which steps should I follow.