Update Engine or no?

So still having issues getting the 200.5 to work, but I am not alone on that. I opened the Launcher to see that there is an update to the Unreal Engine itself. Do I update? Will that cause problems with the ADK at all if I do?

Anyone already updated and wish to let me know would be highly appreciated.

The update for Unreal Engine is just that, for Unreal Engine. That is not for the Dev Kit. Use verify from the drop down menu to catch the update (its not showing up manually for some reason).

Verifying is not working for a lot of people. In fact, there was one person that updated manually, then verified and it reset him to v197

Ah, well didn’t realize it wasn’t just limited to you. Been AFK for errands, and then dinner, so I guess I missed a bit.

Really… Your response is to verify? Do you know how long it takes to verify your 45+ GB editor?

I have already tried to verify twice. Did not update. I also could not successfully download the 28 GB file for the 200.5 content last night or earlier today after at least a dozen tries. Closest I got was to just under 28 GB before it failed and wouldn’t finish it no matter what I did. (Also tried fully downloading it 4 times…) The files from github and sotf were no problem. I think I just have to wait out the queue until my launcher finally updates.

However, my post was not about my issues with 200.5. It was simply a question of should I update the engine or not? I really don’t want to go through the trouble of updating the engine, only to have the ADK not work, or have additional troubles, simply because I did. So thought I would ask the community if they had updated the engine and if doing so affected their work at all.

i have been trying to get it to update no luck verified twice total uninstall is next i guess :frowning:

Its not working currently, i have tried everything known… and some. I would rather just get 201.x at this point…

4th time still not working :frowning: hopefully they take notice of

Okay, please ignore my previous post. I haven’t felt good today so I guess I completely misread it. Since it is just an engine update, I assume the editor doesn’t run on the engine so my question is moot. Sorry about the noobness. :stuck_out_tongue: