Update Documentation on Each Engine Update

Shouldn’t the documentation be updated on every engine update?

For instance, the Gameplay Timers documentation page is seriously outdated, in the “Timer Function Overloads” a reference to FDelegate::CreateRaw_ThreeVars is made, but hell, FDelegate class no longer has such function lol. Isn’t it critical to have the documentation matching the engine at all times?

We do update the online documentation for each release of the engine; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean every single change and new feature will be included in those updates.

In an ideal world, the answer is yes. Our goal is to provide you guys with quality, accurate, and complete (covering all features) documentation. The reality is that the number of engineers working on the engine at any given time is something like 20 times the number of people on our team writing documentation for the engine. We do our best to keep up with the changes in the engine, but we also push out changes to the engine to you guys at a blinding pace and generally as soon as they are in the engine. The result is that the updates to the documentation often lag behind the changes.

The life of a tech writer (aka documentalist, documentor, and lots of other awesome names) can be painful at times. :slight_smile: We appreciate you guys in the community pointing out the areas where things are inaccurate or even just not clear or complete. We make notes of all of it and put it into the schedule to be worked on.

Oh snap I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful or whining, I was just pointing out something I was fearing had been forgotten: updating the existing resources. Alright, thanks Jeff, I’ll try to find the answer to my problem, the documentation’s version was far simpler than the versions I have found (MACRO usage, var declaration,and so on), so I was hoping there was a way to apply the timers like in the documentation (timer for a function with variables).

Thanks for the answer Jeff

You didn’t sound ungrateful or anything. I just wanted to try to be transparent about the state of things from our side. We fight this battle of trying to keep things updated while dealing with a living piece of software that has crazy fast development cycles. There are so many things we want to do and work on, but we haven’t yet invented a time dilation machine so there are always things that get pushed in favor of things we think will benefit the most users first.

I really do appreciate you posting and taking the time to have a discussion about these things. It’s always nice to know there are people out there who are actually finding and using the documentation! :slight_smile:

True, we don’t realize that sometimes as a community, but the effort you make to listen to us is amazing.

Alright I guess this thread can be closed =)

Oh well, since I’m on it, if you happen to know anything about the subject, please send me a PM or just post it right here, any help will be appreciated ^^

I’m seeing the documentation more often and longer then my wife :stuck_out_tongue:

this CreateRaw_ThreeVars thing is still in even after 3 month

excuse me… just saw it got reported nov’14 so …

Howdy ruohki,

Thank you for bringing this issue up once again. I have gone into the documentation and changed this so that it will show correctly after the next publishing. Publishing will occur sometime late next week.

Thanks and have a great day!