Update - Description, Tech Details, and more!

Hi everyone,

We have some great news. Soon, you will see a new update to your assets and Seller Portal. You will now have the ability to update your pack’s text fields through the Seller Portal. This means you will have more control over what your asset is presenting to the community. We encourage you to check this new functionality out and let us know what you think! It should be noted that we will still be holding asset names to the same standards that we have in the past, and that we will retain the ability to change any text edited as necessary to ensure that assets are conforming with the Marketplace standards.

Furthermore, you will see a change in that your contact and support webpage information will no longer appear on your individual product pages… Don’t worry though! They are now located on your Seller Profile page and you will be able to update or add to them at any time through the Seller Portal.

If you have any feedback, comments, or concerns, please feel free to message me or email [EMAIL=“”]


The Marketplace Team

Excellent! We’ve seen more updates to the marketplace in 3 months than the entire of last year it feels like! Keep up the amazing work guys :slight_smile:

Awesome, you guys are really delivering on the promises for this year and we’re only 3 months in! Keep up the amazing work. =)

[MENTION=49]Adam Davis[/MENTION], That’s great. What about editing images?

+1 to this haha

Good update, keep it up!

But just a heads up @Adam-Davis, <b> does not work.

Neither do a number of the ‘acceptable tags’ or whatever they are called :stuck_out_tongue: Probably best to either update that list or just remove it methinks

Thank you for letting us know, I’ll pass this information along so it can get assessed.

EDIT: I did some digging. As it stands, our HTML text fields can only accept a limited number of tags. For now, the <b> tag will not work, and <strong> must be used instead. For a reference to what tags can be used, you can press the question mark next to the text field title (long description, technical details, etc.)
@apoisonedgift, do you happen to know which tags aren’t working on your end from the list? I’ll be happy to take a look and see what may be occurring.

So just did some testing for a few I hadn’t had a reason to try…

<b> <strong> <i> <em> <small> all don’t work at all from what I can see.

And the <ul> and <li> setup only puts new items on a seperate line, so it’s a bit of a waste of time :stuck_out_tongue: In on of my products, the epic staff member who had set up a bulleted list had just copy/pasted the bullet character so I’ve used that myself haha.

There are ways to make most of these effects work using normal HTML inline styling… but it uses a lot more characters up lol

Awesome, thank you for the information. We’ve been able to reproduce this on our end and will be looking into possible solutions. Once it has been addressed I’ll let you know so these tags can be used as needed.

Great to see these new changes. Keep it up!

Adam, you guys probably need to do email broadcast of this feature to marketplace developers. Particularly they need to check their asset description page. Since contact & support information is gone many will loose links to documentation and support threads. If I hadn’t been checking my product page, I wouldn’t be aware of this.

I agree with @loomman on the contact/support links. Not everyone is aware of the sellers product page, or the fact that the information would be there.

I guess the answer is sellers can now write their contact info in their package description if they want. (But that’d be the same as before and we get spams)…

do the old webdev trick… put the information in a jpeg :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news! -although it is 6 days old-
I can’t believe you guys finally let us edit all that info by ourselves! Guess we have earned trust of marketplace staff but not enough to let us change the pictures, huh? :wink:

> Some off topic stuff was here :stuck_out_tongue: <

Unrelated to your post… you don’t appear to have the marketplace creator badge… might be worth dropping a line to Epic to get that sorted as it will also allow you access to the creator’s hub :slight_smile: Just FYI.

Thank you for pointing out creator’s hub. Didn’t know such thing existed.
And sorry for off-topic.

Hey Nicat,

We went ahead and updated your account so that you have Creator’s Hub access.

I just found answer to my question in Creator’s Hub. Many thanks! :slight_smile: