update "combo box" by "text box"


In a Widget I placed a “text box” that enters data into an “array” and a “combo-box” that receives the same data, the “Check” button verifies that the data is in the array.
The problem is that the “combo box” does not display the new data in the table, in fact it does not update.
How to make that data entered in the “table” by the “Text Box” are displayed in the “combo Box”?

I hope to be clear…

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First, after Event Construct, you need to Clear the Combobox Options (Combobox -> ClearOptions), before you enter the Foreach Loop.

Second: Create a new Custom Event, that triggers the Construct Line AGAIN, so Construct and CustomEvent are calling the ClearOptions and Foreach again.

Third: After Text is committed (Where you print the result), call the newely created Custom Event.

The solution is good :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

I come back to the list because I have a new problem.
I can’t find a solution. How to keep in mind the changes of the list? I tried to go through a BP “Save Game” but I have no results.

Thank you in advance for your answers