Update Chunk in runtime

Hello everyone

I made the function of downloading Chunk from Server and installing it into the game.

I packaged the character asset into a Chunk.First i went to the initial map, then moved to the map for download and downloaded the data and mounted it, then moved to the Gameplay map, my character can be displayed normally.

But if I change to the following steps, I will get an error:

First enter the initial map, then go to the gameplay map, the character can not be displayed properly during the play, this is normal, because I have not downloaded the role resources. Then I went to download the map, downloaded the data and mounted it, and updated the Asset Register. Then I went to the game map again, and the character is still unable to display properly.

I guess this is because the cache of the play map was not released by UE4, which caused me to update the Pak file but did not reload it.But I don’t know how to do.

This means that whenever I want to update the Chunk resources on the server, the players will be forced to restart the game in order to download new asset. I don’t want this. Is there any good solution?