Update Brushes and/or improve mesh edit selection & boolean & Fix Grid issues

2D viewport grid doesn’t work with decimal values, example: 2.54, 0.25, etc

Brushes either need some TLC, or alternatively, mesh editing improvements.

Improving the selection of faces, edges, and vertex points in mesh editing.
Polygroups are not always an option, thus I have to fall back on tri-edit, which means no quad selection. Selecting groups of vertex points also isn’t as easy as it is with brushes either.

Alternative to mesh geometry
Boolean is messy. If Brushes are being retired, could we maybe get solid geometry options,(AutoCAD/Sketchup style geometry) with the new mesh editor, so that we don’t have to worry about topology? Mesh topology is annoying when you’re blocking out as well as if you’re doing ArchViz.

Unreal 5 seems to be missing the lightmap unwrap option when editing a mesh

Unreal 5 box mapping issue:
seems to be based on the bound extent of the mesh instead of using world units, which is far more ideal. If the box extent isn’t a perfect box, which it rarely will be, this will cause your box mapping to be rectangular, undesirable. World units would fix this, as I could set X, Y, and Z to something like 100, 100, 100. Roughly 3 feet, and perfect square ratio.

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