Update Branch Every Frame

Well, here’s my problem.

I’m making a camera system that resets to the center when you click the middle mouse button or the right thumbstick on a gamepad. However, when you press it when moving left or right, it just keeps spinning because it’s trying to get behind the player, but the player is constantly moving. My camera system involves an event tick, which is preventing me from simply making an action mapping for the mouse/stick moving and setting it so when that happens the variable of the camera resetting is false. I attempted to solve this by taking the event tick executable and hooking it up to the branch with the condition of a new action mapping of A, D, the X Axis on the Right thumbstick and the Y Axis of the right thumbstick, and if it’s true, setting the camera is resetting variable I have to false. However, if it’s false, it hooks up to the rest of the system and continues. This didn’t work though, as apparently when you activate the what I called MovingLR variable once, it stays false forever. How do I make it so this updates every frame so it checks whether the keys are being pressed down or not at that moment? Also, just so you know, I’m very very new to UE4. Thanks in advance!