(Update)(ASAP)Class reference wont assign in instance editor after selecting from dropdown menu


I Created itembase_BP a base blueprint class for items that inher from UActor, there after i created many child items like potions. for example:

  • ItemBase_BP
  • SmallPotion_BP
  • MediumPotion_BP
  • LargePotion_BP


Next i created something simular but instead of itembase_BP i called it NPCBase_BP with the following child, NPCMerchant_ “name”_BP with an array variable set to ItemBase_BP Class reference (purple) and checked instance editable true, so i can assign the right item classes just by dragging in to the scene and choosing the right items shown in the dropdownbox. just like the picture below…


But when i try to assign any of them weirdly enough it stays on None
Why doesnt this assign properly??
Thx in advance.

After further research / experimenting:

  • It appears that only Itembase_BP and its childeren wont assign. Actor, NPCBase_BP etc … works fine if i change the class reference ofcourse.

  • i created a new project and migrate these assets with it and its just the same senario…

  • i tried several things and equelized these classes with the ones that works… class defaults/class settings but i cant find a solution after 3 days of research…

How can i solve this issue, is it maybe a UE4 bug? i need this fixed ASAP, It delays a lot.
Thx in advance!