Update and Improve Static / Stationary / Dynamic doc content

I’ll keep it kinda short because I think higher detail would be pointless, similar to how trying to change settings to get rid of artifacts and properly light a scene in 4.23.1 is often pointless. The docs need to get updated to reflect most / all changes in the last 3 newest versions of the engine. I’m not calling for deprecating the pages that are coherent with 4.18 or even 4.9. Perhaps simply place those pages in an “Older Versions” bin that are accessible separately from the udpated docs (4.22 - 4.24). Then, or intermittently if that’s yer cup of tea, improve the doc verbosity to reflect the level of knowledge / skill / experience it coincides with for the reader. Or, to simplify things, start with non-verbose in introducing concepts, terms, features, and settings, and after that, begin infusing more verbosity (after terms are defined in less verbose ways, then define them in more verbose ways, or something akin to it). For Advanced level doc pages and learning content, simply flagging it with a different color banner is not enough because it can be easily overlooked. This is less a criticism than a necessity for considering audience and efficiency of accessing and utilizing the docs. I could even help with some of it, and I’m not even an engine expert.

Last, yet not truly the final thing that needs feedback for the docs, enhance the interface to become more ‘user-friendly’, faster and less buggy in every major browser (most up-to-date version possible), and contains almost no or completely no grammatical / spelling / punctuation / mechanics errors in writing. Most of it is currently not filled with those types of errors (I’d estimate about 80% is correct and with no problems/errors based on my own reading and observation, but that’s a tad over-guessing to cull my loathsome frustration with not comprehending things due to a language misstep or error). It’s essential though, to ensure understanding the written contents is not thwarted by a misplaced preposition and odd use of verbs as adjectives and such. My Geometry / Advanced Algebra teacher in high school would downgrade for not showing ALL THE WORK, including where every comma, period / dot, units, etc was not placed correctly or was slightly to somewhat off, causing a period to look like a dot product when it levitated above the paper’s ruled lines yet hadn’t achieved nirvana in the middle between two lines. Funny unfunniness aside, I could start a Youtube series on it concerning the internet and it would probably entertain at least a few thousand subscribers, if not get me a video resume to become an English or Creative Writing teacher. I’m not about that course of action because it sounds like charlatanism. So, in summary, plug any potential errors from the docs into a grammar / spell checker wherever it may be discovered, and use my feedback when I report it. That way, when the age of UE 4.9 has finally passed, and it’s being shelved in its own derelict station on the docs, it shall be clean of the errancy which brings misunderstanding and withstand the rigors of low frequency visitation.