Update Actor in Editor

Hello. I’m using an editor utility widget with a slider to modify a value in an actors construction script. It works but only updates once I move that actor, or change a value in the details pannel. Is there a way that I can update or trigger the construction script from the editor widget utility as I move the slider? I’m using blueprints Thank you to anyone taking the time to read my message

The actor is an editor utility actor also, if that helps

To go into more detail. I’m changing a variable from a utility UI Widget, but the actor inside the editor doesn’t change it’s position until I change something on the details panel or move it the editor. Is there a way to force this update?

I have a video showing what I’m trying to do here


You need to use “SetEditorProperty” node instead of setting the property directly.
This node will update the value and notify that a property changed , and will trigger ConstructionScript

Thank you. that was really helpful!