Update a widget's text from within another widget

Hello all i currently have a weapon system for selecting weapons on a widget i have got it to a point where i can select the weapon and it spawns but know i want to make it so when i select the weapon it give me info about the weapon. What i have done is created another widget called weapon info inside of that is a text box for now which all i want it to do is set the name of the gun in the text box when i click on that button.I have the weapon info widget displayed in the weapon selection widget i have tried to create a binding to the text ( in weapon info) but it wont update any help would be appreciated cheers

when creating the Widget in BP, drag the output of the CreateWidget and create a Variable of it. This is your Widget reference.

Inside the Textbox Widget, select the Text and take a look at your Detail Tab (where you set anchor, Font and Stuff). In the Header of the Tab (above Anchor), you see a Checkbox „Is Variable“ Make it checked, save and compile.
Now you can access the Text via BP and your Reference Variable, and use SetText on it.