Update a plugin ( Open source one )

Hi ( Sorry for my english so )

I want to use the plugin “BLUI” from Aaron Shea but he don’t upgrade it for the last version so I want to do it by my self. When i add the plugin to my projects folder plugin i have this message after : “Missing or incompatible modules in BLUI plugin - would you like to disable it?”.

So my question : How i upgrade this plugin ?

Link of github : GitHub - ashea-code/BLUI: Rich HTML UI engine for UE4

More screen :

Try rebuilding the project files, right-click the project file in explorer and select Generate Visual Studios project files…when you do that the next time you open the project it should rebuild the files.

In what explorer ? Windows explorer ?
Did the project need to be C++ ?

Yes windows explorer. Yes most likely needs C++, in the editor click on add new and select New C++ Class, create just a blank C++ class and save it. Close the project and then Generate VS project files and it should rebuild on startup.

So i have a new error now :

Discovering modules, targets and source code for project…
ERROR: Unable to instantiate instance of ‘Blu’ object type from compiled assembly ‘MyProject2ModuleRules, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. Unreal Build Tool creates an instance of your module’s ‘Rules’ object in order to find out about your module’s requirements. The CLR exception details may provide more information: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Une exception a ?t? lev?e par la cible d’un appel. —> System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Impossible de trouver une partie du chemin d’acc?s ‘C:\Users\Thomas Delaporte\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject2\Plugins\BLUI\ThirdParty\cef\Win\shipping’.
? System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
? System.IO.FileSystemEnumerableIterator`1.CommonInit()
? System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(String path, String searchPattern, SearchOption searchOption)
? Blu…ctor(TargetInfo Target) dans c:\Users\Thomas Delaporte\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject2\Plugins\BLUI\Source\Blu\Blu.Build.cs:ligne 58
— Fin de la trace de la pile d’exception interne —
? System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor)
? System.Reflection.RuntimeConstructorInfo.Invoke(BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture)
? System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceImpl(BindingFlags bindingAttr, Binder binder, Object[] args, CultureInfo culture, Object[] activationAttributes, StackCrawlMark& stackMark)
? System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, BindingFlags bindingAttr, Binder binder, Object[] args, CultureInfo culture, Object[] activationAttributes)
? System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, Object[] args)
? UnrealBuildTool.RulesAssembly.CreateModuleRules(String ModuleName, TargetInfo Target, FileReference& ModuleFileName)

Maybe more readable :