Update 200

So after a total reinstall and verifying it im still 197 any ideas would love them

Yeh im in the same boat here Verifying dosent even start a DL.

bump its really late at night i woke up and reinstalled

maybe clear out windows registry things by hand?? maybe something in there isnt being uninstalled?? if you know how to do that, otherwise i wouldnt bother, i imagne the devs will fix it up within a day i guess?

i deleted everything about unreal and reinstalled it they are updating ark and not even dealing with the devkit problem at hand, they are all over the shop making new things not doing things they had planned they need to take a step back and work on one thing at a time and actually help us so we can help them in the long run bring in the things we cant (breeding, prints with cc code,blueprint eg., dinos, bosses, optimizations, warpaint, terraforming,) not do the things we can after its announced leave the item stuff to us do what we cant and be the heros <3

How it works on my machine

It is working on my machine. Downloaded the 197.1 via steam and github (the 197.1 binaries), pasted drakes “v.200” patch over and pasted therevoer the most actual github binaries.

My uninstall progress (before) was very simple, without deleting within the registry.

I get that we’re developers and all and that we CAN do this, but my god is it a pain in the butt to do it this way.

yeah this SUCKS
i download at like 800kb/s

i require the launcher to work, i have no faith in the other downloads actually completing…
stupid hosts tend to like quit your connection after so long… or something idk

im not going to risk breaking what i have either…
i have things to read about the devkit i guess, but im concerned

Aye i feel ya UE Launcher dosent like to go faster the 660kbs or so for me i wished companies would use torrent style more often not every one using torrents is a pirate.

updating now ill get back with the verdict

It works :wink: :cool: Just a minor bug, all is fixed and now everyone can get back to modding away

Yay works but 200.5 not the up to date heres to hoping they start doing updates not patches <3