UPDATE 11/28: Proelium Tactics - Looking for multiple roles to be filled

**Project update!


Project Title:**
Proelium Tactics

Proelium Tactics is a turn based tactical RPG in which you build your own army within the Solus Republic in the continent of Solatium. It features a completely original world with its own history in a society where humans coexist with a reptilian humanoid species known as Lacerta. After over 100 years of peace between the two species, what happens when that harmony is threatened? Can you build an army strong enough to protect the Solus Republic from civil war?

Engage in strategic combat in the four regions of Solatium, each with changing seasons that affect the battlefield. Explore and learn about the world as you recruit, capture, train, level up, equip, and evolve your army. Pursue the rich story to avoid civil war or partake in the consequential and varied quest system.


  • Build your own army with an array of soldiers spanning 16 different class types.
  • Master and discover each evolutionary tree of every class.
  • Turn based tactical RPG with permadeath.
  • Rich world and lore with original concepts and its own historical timeline.
  • Main story quests spanning over numerous chapters.
  • Diverse quest system that allows players to make choices with consequence.
  • Different seasons for each map in the game.
  • Original orchestral soundtrack.

Team Structure**:**
Anthony Scarlata (Project Creator and Creative Director)
Senior 3D Character Artist in the games industry for 7 years

I have worked on several AAA titles for multiple companies. Most notably Telltale Games, Warner Brothers and now most recently Tripwire Interactive.

You can view some of my artwork on my portfolio here ArtStation - Anthony Scarlata
If you would like to see more of my private work, please contact me.

Céleste Catherine Victoria (PandaStudios, Programmer)

Most of you know Céleste from the forums. She is not an employee but I have contracted her since the beginning of the project and we have a long term arrangement with each other in the work she is developing for the game on a consistent basis. She is the main programmer for the game and has developed it all from the beginning to what we have now.

You can see more about her here…g-w-20-reviews

Sam Kim (Concept Artist)

Sam works on a contract basis supplying the concept art for the game which you will see below.

You can see some of his work here

Ivan Ramos (Writer)

I went to school with Ivan several years ago and he remains one of my closest friends. He has worked on Batman Arkham Origins and other big outsourcing companies for multiple games and studios.

You can see more about him here

Previous Work:

I personally have worked on the following titles including a very successful tactics game (Lionheart Tactics) on IOS and android that made the top #5 games on both platforms during it’s release. Aside from all my work, I have a huge passion for tactics RPGs and they have been a huge influence on my life. I am dedicated to this project and all the funding currently comes directly from my pocket so there is plenty assurance and incentive for this to be complete.


Where we are:

The project is pretty far along tech wise. Most all core features are complete. From there the game needs to be put together from all the features and pieces we have and make a playable campaign. And as a tactics game this requires a lot of testing and tweaking. We are in the very beginning stages of 3d asset creation so a lot of work needs to be done there.

Talent Required:

All applicants should have the relevant experience for the role. While this is an independent game, we strive to create the most impressive visuals possible. Most of the current funding is going directly to programming, concept art and UI design. We are mostly looking for Royalty based work or a combination of paid and royalty but can make exceptions for exceptionally skilled talent. We are very competitive with royalty based rates.

The longterm plan is to get on Fig for additional funding.

We use HacknPlan for management.

Apply here:


  • 3+ years of experience
  • A mastery of the Unreal 4 engine
  • Proficient with blueprints and C++
  • Familiarity with Tactical RPGs

UI / UX Artist (1)

  • High quality artistic skills
  • Experience with UE4 UMG is a huge plus
  • Will increase the overall user experience design of the current layouts

3D environment Artist

  • Substance designer or painter experience is required if you want to texture as well. PBR workflow.
  • Preferred experience with Maya
  • Experience with world machine is a plus
  • Experience with Dungeon Architect for Unreal is a plus

Weapons Artist (1)

  • Substance designer or painter experience is required if you want to texture as well. PBR workflow.
  • WW2 style weapons with a fantasy twist to them. Concept art will be provided.

FX Artist (1)

  • Create compelling effects
  • Implement marketplace purchased effects for filler/generic work

Music Composer

  • Orchestral compositions


  • Preferred experience with Maya
  • Must be able to work with UE4 skeleton rig
  • Light rigging skills is a plus
  • Implementation of marketplace bought assets will be required for generic and filler animations

Gameplay and/or Level designer

  • Come up with new and interesting features that compliment the game
  • Come up with interesting map ideas and scenarios
  • Come up with random events and decision making and how it affects the game
  • Improve the existing gameplay design and features


  • Support the main writer of the game for world building and story creation
  • Item descriptions, event writing, background stories, dialogues

Game Tester (Unpaid)

  • Play the game!
  • I want your feedback and input. Suggest ideas or what you don’t like about how the game handles
  • Find bugs and report them


Please feel free to contact me at either mediums.**

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: Joxypo

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have you found any of the positions required yet? what is the status of the project?

Hi Pinotti,

Sorry for the delay in reply. I do not frequent the Unreal forums.

The positions we are looking for have been updated. Please check the site for more info:



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