Upcoming Schedule for Featured Asset Rotation

Hello everyone,
We received 315 requests from sellers to be part of our upcoming featured pack rotation. For the next three weeks, we’ll be randomly rotating between a list of 105 packs a week. These 105 will be part of a pool that we use to show 9 random packs on the launcher and website.

We have a lot of new requests from sellers to join the Creator’s Hub, and we’ll be processing those early next week. In the meantime, I wanted to share the schedule for the pack rotation. Apologies for the rough format, but I wanted to make something available to everyone early.

If you have any concerns, please [EMAIL=“marketplace-support@unrealengine.com”]contact us.

Week 1: January 2, 2018- January 9, 2018 [TABLE=“border: 1, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0”]

1980s Prop Collection

8 Bit Adventures

Ability Casting System For Dedicated Servers

Adam Horseman Knight

Advanced Materials Ed. 4

Advanced Time Management

Adventure Loot Pack


Amplify LUT Pack

Ancient Statues

Arcs and Sparks

Asteroids from Photogrammetry

Attribute Template

Badlands Music Pack 1

Ballistics FX

Blue Man Vehicle Physics

CCG Toolkit

Cel Shading Outline Post Process w Transparency

Chiptune Retro Pack

Classic Office

Cloudscape Seasons


Component XP

Crazy Insane Dining Sets

CSW Autosave and Load System w/ Compression

Customizable Grid

DcxVehicle Plugin

Desert 2D Platformer Pack

Dialogue Plugin

DoN’s Dynamic Mesh Effects


Dynamic Picture Frames

Environment Set

Eternal Temple

Event Horizon Metal Pack

Fantasy Icons Megapack


Fast Stylized Procedural Sky

FPS Battle Royale Template

FPS Wizard

Game Music Mega Pack

Ghost and Horror SFX

Glass++ Material

Heart Health Bar

Hex Map Grid

Jazz Power

Landscape By DEM

Legacy Side Scroller

Low Poly Scenario Pack

Lowpoly Weapons Kit

Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle 2

Medieval Melee Weapons

Medieval Props Pack

Mega Game Music Collection

Mission Control/Hacker Voice Pack

Modular Medieval Houses

Modular Tech Environment

Modular Wooden Set

Natural Rock and Stone Material Pack

Olbert’s Low Poly: Biomes Repack Vol 1

Old Catacombs

Old Village

Ontario PBR Plant Pack

Open World AI Spawn System

Orbit and Gravity System

Percussive Underscores

Physical Water Surface


Pro Sound Collection

Procedural Cabinets

Procedural Landscape Ecosystem

Procedural NURBS Curves and Surfaces

Projectiles Pack

Quest Extension

RAK #1: Off the Wall

Realistic Atmosphere 2.0

Realistic Waterfall Particle FX

Redwood Forest Collection


Root Motion Extractor

RPG Magic SFX Pack

RTS Cartoon Environment

Scanned Poplar and Aspen Forest with Seasons

Sci Fi Humanoid Mech


Skydive and Parachute Kit

Small Tool Kit with Crowbar

Smartphone System

Space Combat Kit

Steam Locomotive

Steampunk Airship

Storage House Set

Sweets Overload

Terrain Starter Pack

The Art of Combat

Twitch Integrator

UFSM State-Machine

Ultimate River Tool

UMG Mini Map

User Interface Kit


Waterfall Tool


Weapon Rails and Mounts

Woodland Scan Assets

Week 2: January 9, 2018- January 16, 2018 [TABLE=“border: 1, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0”]

4K Materials: Wood Flooring Vol.02

Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

Advanced Village Pack


AeroComp (AeroDynamics Components)

Alchemist’s House

American Style Diner

Animated SciFi Chests

Anon’s Dialogue System

ArchVis VR

Audio Volume System

Auto Settings


Bald eagle

Barbarian Voice Pack

Character Interaction

Cinematic Trailers Collection

Cinematic Trailers Music Pack

Circle Damage Indicator Component

CIWS Turret

Colors Of Fantasy Trees

Combat Systems - Constructor


Creature 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animation

Culling Material Effect

Customizable Retro Living Room

Destructible Road Signs

DevTon Mountain Lake Landscape

Driveable Cars Basic Pack (3d assets + blueprints)

Dynamic Rain Overlay

Explorers Survival Kit and Tools with Working Compass and Watch

Fantasy Environment

Fantasy Potion Bottles

Fantasy Weapons Arsenal

Field Grass Package Vol. 1


Generic Skinner Component

Gesture Tracker VR

GR Customizable Female 01

Heavy G Soldier

HorizonTween Plugin

HQ Residential House

Input Buffer Advanced


Killer Clown

King Wash Laundromat (City Scene)

Little Automobiles

Location Toolkit

Low Poly Fantasy Weapons Pack

Low Poly Summer Forest

Low Poly Weapons Armory

LP-287 Character

Luos’s Particle Toolkit Vol. 1

Medieval Stylized Dungeon Pack

Mobile Power Ups Full Package

Modular Loot Drops

Modular Pipe Set

Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle

Modular Street Pack

Necro’s Bone Box

Objective Management System

Ocean Environment Pack

Old Scandinavia Medieval Village

Old Streetlights Pack


Particle Text

Photogrammetry Rock Textures

Physics Get Up Blend - Ragdoll Replication

Pianos & Benches Pack

Pixel Art Vampire

Platformer Starter Pack

Poly Castle Infrastructure

Polygon - Dungeon Pack

Procedural Nature Seasons Pack

Quick Gravity Tools

Realistic Ocean Simulator


Rock Pack Pro (Snow And Moss Options available now)

RPG Engine ToolKit

Sci-Fi Crime Scene

Sci-fi Hangar

Sci-Fi Soundtracks Pack 1

SimplePoly Urban

Six Victorian Streetlights

Space Horde - Aliens

Star Socks Chair Pack vol 1


SuperGrid Starter pack

Swedish Lake House Forest Environment

The Quest (Fantasy Adventure Music)

The Sounds Of A Mechanical Armor

Third Person Shooter Kit

Throw Helper VR Component

Thunderstorm Sound FX Ambience Construction Kit

Touch Build and Inventory

Ultimate Mobile Kit Firebase

Ultimate Touch Components

Unreal Web Server

VFX Series Pack 1

Virtual Reality Pawn and Components Plugin

Vive Mocap Kit

VR Virtual Keyboards

Warthog Attack Jet

Water Materials

Weathered Rocks and Stones

Week 3: January 16, 2018- January 23, 2018 [TABLE=“border: 1, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0”]

  • SciFi ‘Props’ Pack -

100+ Crosshairs Pack

Action RPG Inventory System

Active Ragdoll

Advanced Cel Shader Pack

Advanced Marker Kit

Ancient Game

Animated .45 SAA Revolver

Assorted Gun FX

Aurora Borealis

Basic Robot S01

Beach Summer Pack

Big Shield Pack (60 items)


Blueprint Dialogues

Chameleon Post Process

Classic Survival Horror Camera System

Colossal Game Music Collection

Configurable Frames and Photos Set

Construction Pack

Construction Site


Crumbling Ruins

Dark Worlds Music Loop Pack Vol. 1

Desert Patrol Vehicle / BUGGY - Driveable

Desolace - OST

Destruction System

Dungeon Architect

Dynamic PIE Menu

Fantastic Metaballs System

Fantasy Demon Caves

Flat and Change material BP

Flight Locomotion

FPS Starter Kit

Game Sound Collection

Generic Ammo


Hands for VR: Basic

Hex Grids

HitBox Maker Blueprint

Horror Music Mini Pack Vol 1

Hoverbike System

Instant Swimmable Water

Interactable Physical Door

Interactive Fusebox

Interactive Tree Creator

Inventory Examine Interface

IONSTUDIOS Pathlights vol. 1

Kinaski Mega Rock Generator

Lamp Collection v2

Lowpoly Style Winter Environment

M5 VFX RPG1. Sword Trails

Marmoset Toolbag Scene Importer

Medieval Fantasy Tavern

Medieval Table Setup

Mega Bundle Sound Pack

Mega Taunt Animation Pack

Menu Starter Kit

Minimal RPG Music

Mixamo Animation Retargeting

Modular Cliffs

Modular Houses

Modular Medieval Warrior 01

Modular Menu System

Modular RPG System

Multiplayer Car Racing Game

Object Array Blueprint

Ocean Floor Environment

Particle Editor Extension

Polymodels Cars vol. 01

Projectile Path Tracer

Pyro Particle Texture Pack v1

Qt Creator Source Code Access

Rave Spline and Mesh Builder

Reactive Water

Realistic Wall Plants for Archviz

Residential Garage

Retro Gaming

Ring Menu Construction Kit

Rome Fantasy Pack I

Root Motion Guide

RPG Music Pack Vol 1

RT ArchViz Furniture - Chairs

Scan FX

Sky Pack: 25 Skies

Smooth Camera Kit

STUDIO22 - Archviz Material Wood Pack


Surroundings Events


Symphonic Battle Music Vol. 2

The Explosions Mega Pack

ThreeDee Suburban House

Two Handed Sword Animset Pro

Ultimate FPS Weapons Pack (VR ready)

Universal Sound FX

User Friendly Lamps


VICODynamics: Rope/Cloth/Soft-Body Simulation Plugin

Victorian House

Voronoi Split Screen

Wood Vol.2 - Hand Painted Texture Pack


WW2 German Bunker

Zero Gravity Part One

Is the content cycling working properly? The only reason I ask is because I just looked at the site today and there are at least 3 out of the 9 featured that are from Week 1 and not Week 2.

Now you recommend 200 products ! ! !

Why are the projects that should be recommended on January 2-9 are now recommended? Now only projects of the second week should be recommended.

Next week will you recommend 300 projects?

Projects from the first week will be recommended 3 weeks? And projects with the third week will be recommended 1 week?

Read your own rules.

And correct this!