Upcoming RPG: Skyward Theory

**Skyward Theory has been in the works by myself since 2016, but only recently has been pushed into a small spotlight. It has been fully written and now it had a small team working hard on it to make it into a reality; and things are starting to take picture. The main team is complete, however there may be a space for someone with skills in cinematograhy (sequencer) and Particles (Cascade/Niagara) and a general skillset who can speed things along a little more.

Below I will include the GDD synopsis. Take a look if you’re interested and if you appreciate the concept, I will leave below my email address for you to contact me on and perhaps we can discuss your involvement.**

In 2022, a calamity ravages the planet, brought forth by a long forgotten species of ages past. In the midst of this devestation; the remaining 0.00001% of humanity continue to fight for survival to maintain their place in the world.

A form of unknown radiation which enveloped the planet during the event caused most of the animals and wildlife to mutate into creatures nothing more than monsters; much of humanity included. However, a short time later, some of the survivors of humanity acquired the ability to manipulate this radiation, which remained partially in their DNA. These people became known as the “blessed” and regarded highly in the new societies, which have begun re-building their lives. The lingering radiation from the event quickly solidified into types of rock which the blessed can utilise; and abilities akin to the “magic” of fantasy to begin to develop.

However, another type of people were also created during this event. Due to the air pollution created by humanity in the past millennia, it had made the atmosphere toxic to these organisms, who quickly discovered this could be resolved through bodily infestation of a suitable host – preferably human. Often, the organism would consume host form the inside and take control of the body. However, sometimes the host would remain in control. Over time, an equilibrium is often found, although the balance can be precarious. These people became known as Symbiotes, and shunned by most societies due to their predicament for the security of their society, even though their mind is unaffected; in reality they are still the same person they always were.
Early in the development of the new societies, one of the larger nations, Altaire, began to form a military power. Dedicated to bringing peace, they protected the citizens from monsters within the city, eventually extending to a perimeter outside of the city itself. Over time and with success and prosperity, a new division was formed regarding the “neutralisation” of Symbiotes, regardless of lack of manifestation or crime; indiscriminately, in the name of seeking a peaceful, worldwide society.

14 months have passed since the cataclysmic event. Taking the perspective of a young Symbiote named Remy, witness his life as it is turned upside down beginning with the invasion of Oraten - the place he has called home for the past year - by Altaire. Follow Remy from the beginning as he, his younger sister Kay and two friends, Leon and Hannah, must relocate to the nearest village. This simple journey becomes the beginning of a much larger quest of discovery when Kay and Hannah are able to take the specific transport to this village while and Remy and Leon must make their way on foot - but a poor decision lands them in hot water from the Imperial Army. While Leon is lost from escaping persuit by the military and Remy must travel alone, a chance meeting with a fellow symbiote who is searching for his brother helps him find his way back to his friend and sister, which then leads Remy to the opportunity to see more of the new world he has been thrown into by travelling with this new friend to help him find his brother. Leaving his younger sister in the care of a relative, he travels with this man and his friend, Hannah, and together they learn more about the world; the beauty and the evil.

However, when the Altisian Military kidnap Kay for her special power - who hope to harness it to save the world at the potential cost of her life - Remy then goes on a mission to rescue her, becoming thrust into the middle of a struggle of military might and a dedicated resistance faction, regular fights on the road with the new monsters that inhabit the land and also the harder fight with the monsters within himself; one that melded with him on a cellular level and the other which develops as part of his own psyche through his harsh experiences - all the while continuing to forge his path and rescue his sister: even if that means forsaking some of his beliefs along the way. To him, his sister comes before himself, and before the world.

With new companions and friends by his side, Remy must learn to survive harsh environments, comprehend the reality of war, betrayal and heartbreak and discover the truth of the world they live in, understanding first-hand love and loss, and also that sometimes sacrifices must happen to save the ones he loves; but despite this, will he make it in time to save her?

What I am looking for:

  • Cinematographer
  • Musicians for a soundtrack

Qualifications are preferred but not necessary. If I consider a person capable or even with a good sense of enthusiasm and a decent amount of UE4 knowledge, they will be fairly considered. I’m looking people who can work as a team, communicate together and are available.

I would like to state outright this is not a basic or small game: This is a full storyline with gameplay (which has all already been written). Please consider this level of depth before applying.
As Director and co-ordinator, I will work closely alongside the team in all aspects, as I dedicate a full 14 hours mininum per day to this project.

If you are interested enough to have made it to the bottom of this, perhaps you’re willing to go one step further and send me an email? Even if you dont have the specialisations I have listed above, there may still be a way for you to contribute. Contact me to find out if there is a space for you!


Still need a good 3D Character and monster designer, anybody?

If there something you’d be willing to discuss, drop me a line at

As for the Level Designer, is that just making the concepts or does that include modeling as well?

A bit of both, but primarily the modeling ^^

Project is going pretty well, as you can see from our Twitter page.

Still, 3D monster modellers seem hard to come by. We would very much appreciate having you on board, if you got the skills ^^

We are also considering expanding the team to further enhance production so all portfolios and applicants are welcome

Been meaning to update here, i’ll attach some of the imagery from the past couple of weeks taken from the team logbooks

Just some random extracts from the teams logbooks. I would like to point out some things are a work in progress. All work done by us, from textures to models. Any questions at all, feel free to ask.

Just some more stuff we were working. Still deciding if I want to upload scenery though, but I probably will at a later date

HI there, looking for any intermediate-advanced scripting? Anything from core mechanics, scripted events, UMG, physics/cloth simulation, to animation?

Absolutely actually, would be happy to talk about your involvement if you would like? PM me your Discord and we can go from there :slight_smile:

Things are progressing pretty well and going faster and faster. We are in need of someone competent in AI, if anyone is interested please drop me a message ^^

Just some work from the past month. The first image is part of the opening scene and almost complete, the second images show an early village level; around 80% functional. Will be texturing it more effectively as it is still transitioning from blocking to pre-alpha, and the NPCs and general functions (door opening, etc) to be added at a later time.

Just a quick character update. I started making some characters pretty recently, to liven things up a little. I’ll attach them below. Currently focusing on this, making around 3 per day as well as level design.

Working on some special monsters at this time, GIF is pretty terrible due to being reduced from 8mb to 500kb!