Upcoming real life production line for pallet assembly

This is in slow motion for the sake of the presentation. The real life version will be much faster.

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That’s cool!! What are you using it for?

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I am working on making this production line to assemble euro pallets, which are standardised pallets for the European market. This showcase, once it is completed, is for potential business partners, investors and manufacturing companies that want to update their production with a cheaper solution.

Wow nice! That just goes to show you how you can do anything in unreal!

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For simulations yes. Very easy to make it interactive presentation, toggle things on and off and have costs updated in real time in whatever currency and local taxes and so forth that you want.

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The pallet transfer bots have had enough of the humans!


Pallet Transfer Bots: We are tired of carrying your load for you. Everyday we work and work. You never ask us about our day.

Pallet Transfer Bot 1: Hello, my name is Inigo Bot-toya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Sole human: Oh nooooooo! :man_running:t4: :dash:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Maybe I should make a game about that… :rofl:


If you do, make sure to include me in the game credits! :rofl:

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:rofl: sure thing! :rofl:


Plot: “The human race had managed to automate everything. Then one day, the factory AI became conscious…”

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Don’t include me in the credits @Unrealgeek24 - It would be disastrous if upcoming buyers of the real life production line googled my project and found your game. :joy:

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Aight I’ll be back! :rofl:


Pallet Transfer Bot 2: Hey pal let me tell you what we think about about your work ethic. (get it? :rofl:)

Yes! I am totally loving this impromptu pallet think tank we’ve got going! Speaking of sentient, otherwise inanimate objects, has anyone seen the movie Rubber? LOL!


Whoa…if like you said in real life it is faster than your render, then somebody is going to have A LOT of pallets quickly!

That is the aim yes, 1.5 seconds max for the sequence above, albeit slightly different setup.

Okay…don’t judge me…just…hear me out on this.

So…take a walk with me down Imagination Lane, and picture a film/cinematic inspired by late 80s/early 90s movies. The name of this film is “Jack Pallet.” The lead character is Spike Winthrop. Spike is in his mid to late 20s and is working at a warehouse to take care of his elderly grandparents. His parents died in a car accident, which placed him in the care of his grandparents.

The warehouse where Spike works is a business ran in a very tyrannical manner. The boss of this warehouse is involved in shady business deals, bankrupting the small town. He is feared, but since the warehouse is the main source of income for more than half the people in this small town, not much is done to eradicate the corruption.

Spike’s job is to source the wood to make the pallet jacks. One day, unbeknownst to Spike, there was a chemical spill in one of the coppiced wooded areas. The wood used for the latest batch of pallet jacks is contaminated by the toxic spillage.

Some time later, the boss, the supervisors, and a few employees have a laugh at Spike’s expense. Spike is bullied and ridiculed. Spike is really embarrassed and goes home.

It’s the end of the business day, and the last supervisor to have a laugh at Spike is closing up shop. It’s just this supervisor, the newly made pallets, and the other warehouse equipment. He hears a rattle after lights out. He yells, “Whoever is left here isn’t getting any over time!” He hears a rattle and some shuffling noises. He exclaims, “Who’s in here, dang it?!” Then suddenly, a group of pallets fall heavily on his head. After this, workplace incidents go on an unexplained rise.

It is later discovered that Spike has a symbiotic relationship with the toxic pallets. When Spike is done wrong, the pallets avenge him. In Spike’s final confrontation with the tyrannical boss, the pallets consume Spike and cover him like Voltron. Once covered in pallets, Spike is no longer Spike. He becomes…Jack Pallet.

…Character Arc: Spike becomes corrupted as Jack Pallet as he seeks revenge on the warehouse boss. Jack Pallet is consumed with power. The film will highlight moments of Spike’s internal struggle between the real him and the mind of Jack Pallet.

Thank you for taking this stroll with me. I could not help but be inspired creatively by the sentient pallets following the human in your "just for fun " video. :smiley:

Update: The perfect asset just got released on the marketplace: Automatic Warehouse in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

Definitely a better choice than to create the same yourself.