Upcoming Project Questions


I have a few questions about the Unreal Engine for a WIP project . . .

  • Does Unreal support a “Dedicated Server” client connection limit of up to “100” slots?
  • Is there a proper solution to building an “Authoratative Dedicated Server” for holding character data that can migitate attacks/exploits/hacks?
  • Is there a way to procedurally generate terrain around static objects so that certain landmarks stay the same but the environment/foliage differs every session?
  • What is the maximum suggested size of a level that would support up to 100 player slots (I am not making an MMO/Walking Sim but want enough space to allow for 100 players to combat comfortably towards an objective.)
  • Does Unreal support the ability for a “League of Legends” sytle launcher that contains all character settings and options and uses a play button to initiate matchmaking for each client?

I am sure I will have followup questions but for right now this is the meat of my project and would like to continue knowing what limits the Unreal Engine has. Thank you!