Upcoming Marketplace Asset: Diverse AI

Hello developers!

Diverse AI is live on the UE Marketplace: see links below.

Project Goal:
A drag-and-drop and spawned AI solution to facilitate many use cases.

Core Features:

  • Customizable 100 % Blueprint AI logic with comments/annotations/tooltips

  • Customizable AI Modes (includes 18) for quickly changing each AI instance’s base behavior

  • Fast drag-and-drop AI setup

  • Precisely shape each AI instance by using the many instance-editable variables

  • Supports Dynamic flying and walking AI Movement Modes

  • Friend/Enemy distinction

  • AI-to-AI, AI-to-Object, and AI-to-Player (currently single player) hostile/friendly interactions

  • Damage/Sight/Hearing/Death reporting invoke reactions from nearby AI

  • Friendly interaction animation montage events

  • Customizable distance-based attack system

  • Melee attack macro: animation-vector based launch with differential magnitude, camera shake, hit chance, …

  • Event animations are easily changed via instance-editable variables

  • Exploitation awareness inhibits Player/AI from gaining an unfair advantage

  • Custom Pawn-to-Pawn collision avoidance system

  • Attack obstruction avoidance system: prevent AI from attacking through objects

  • Lightweight NavMeshBounds containment solution for flying AI

  • Object collision avoidance for flying AI

  • Flight check to inhibit AI flight in unsuitable location

  • Landing check to ensure landing surface is suitable

  • Distance-based optimization

  • Single-click debug tool

  • Visualizer to display location of particular AI

  • Spline Pathing System for more precise control of AI movement

  • AI Spawning Solution

  • And more …

Showcase Video: Diverse AI - An AI Framework for Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

Spline Pathing System Showcase: Diverse AI: Spline Pathing System Showcase - YouTube

Feature Overviews: Diverse AI Feature 1: Roaming Targets - YouTube

Video Tutorials: Diverse AI Tutorial 01: Project Settings and Level Setup - YouTube

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo_IivdlwBesX8pAp7OMgLw

Documentation (Live): Diverse AI - Google Docs

Documentation (Download): Diverse AI_1.21.pdf - Google Drive

Product Link: Diverse AI in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

Discord: Diverse AI

Please feel free to provide feedback/comments/suggestions.

Thank you for your time!

Edit 12/27/2021: Added Spline Pathing System showcase video link; added Spline Pathing System to feature list
Edit 01/01/2022: Added AI Spawn Solution to list of features and Diverse AI is no longer exclusively drag-and-drop.
Edit 01/17/2022: Added new showcase video link
Edit 03/15/2022: Added link to Discord Server

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It would help if you showcased the text that was on the floors and the walls in your level.

Other than that, it’s pretty interesting.

It would help if you showcased the text that was on the floors and the walls in your level.

Hi @ScamBot45,

Thanks for the feedback. I may present each feature in separate videos, which will allow time for displaying text and other useful elements. Also, I do have plans to release video tutorials for some of the more “complex” features.

Well, you can’t go wrong by releasing a few tutorials. I’m mainly interested in the flying AI and getting one of the bots to attack the player after another one spots you.

Diverse AI was submitted to Epic today and is pending review.

In the interim, I will publish more videos to my YT channel, beginning with setup tutorials.

If there are any features of Diverse AI you would like to see in greater detail, then I will consider preparing a video for that topic.

Hello everyone,

Diverse AI is now available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Product Link:

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An updated version of the documentation is now available for download; use the link in the original post.

Videos providing more detail for Diverse AI Features 1 - 12 are now available on my YT channel (link in original post). Also, there are several tutorial videos there as well.

A Diverse AI update (DAI 1.01) was published today and is available for download. Changes include: high frametime compensation for melee attacks and an increased variation in certain attacks (see section “Changelog (Diverse AI Project)” of the documentation for more details).

Hello everyone,

I have been working on integrating a spline pathing system into Diverse AI. It is being designed to work for AI that use Roaming Targets, such that when a certain spline index is reached, the AI will have the ability to leave the spline, navigate to a Roaming Target (local to that spline index), and then return to the spline.

Are there any elements you would like to have available in a spline pathing system that were not previously mentioned?

I plan to have this system implemented for the next update (around one month from now).

For those using spawners to handle integration of AI into a level, here is an image for the setup that handles setting AI Modes at runtime. This has not been thoroughly tested, so it is best to use in a custom AI BP.

For text description on how to set this up, please visit this link and view the responses for the topic “Implementation into existing character”

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A teaser video for Diverse AI’s upcoming spline path system is available for view at: Diverse AI: Spline Path System Teaser - YouTube

Key features:

  • Roaming loops along spline
  • Spline exits to Roaming Targets, random roaming, or other splines
  • Add/Remove spline point(s) with user-defined angle or use manual manipulation seamlessly
  • Conform spline to “ground” geometry with one click

Hello everyone,

Diverse AI v1.10 is now available in the UE marketplace. This update includes the Spline Pathing System as well as some other additions (see documentation for details). You can view the Spline Pathing System showcase video by using the following link:


An updated version of Diverse AI documentation is available for download (link above). See the changelog for a list of changes.

Happy New Year everyone!

Diverse AI v1.20 is now available on the UE Marketplace: just in time for the start of the new year. The new build includes an AI spawning solution and AI now have the ability to hear other AI. You can view these additions by using the following links:

For a complete list of other additions/changes, please read the section, “Changelog” in the documentation.

A new version of the documentation is available for download using the link above, or you can access the live version to have the most current information.


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Hope this is the right place to ask.
I bought Diverse AI and everything in the demo level works great. However, when I follow the step, “Simply drag BP_DiverseAI_Master_Grandchild into your level” the character doesn’t do anything. They perform their idle animation but don’t move or anything else. Sometimes I get an error on screen saying the actor couldn’t move to its desired location, but not always, it depends on the AI Mode I guess. I’ve tried all of the AI Modes but none of them seem to do anything for the newly spawned characters.
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.

Hi @Gristle_Fang,

This forum is fine for posting questions, as others may have similar issues and can look here for solutions. Also, you can use my email located within the product page of the UE Marketplace. I try to post common questions from there in the FAQ section of the documentation.

It seems that you may not have a Nav Mesh configured correctly for your AI. Please ensure your NavMeshBoundsVolume is set up exactly as outlined in section 3 of the Preparation/Setup section of the documentation.

If you have completed that setup step and the issue still persists, ensure name_NavigableBoundsVolume for the problematic AI matches an actor tag name in the Nav Mesh it will use for pathfinding. Also, press P while in editor to ensure paths (default = green) exist for the AI.

A quick check to see if it is a Nav Mesh issue is to disable ConstrainToNavMeshBounds for the problematic AI and seeing if that resolves the movement problem. If it does, then the Nav Mesh will need to be corrected. Ensure you re-enable the value when finished.

Hopefully this information helps to resolve the issue. Please let me know of the outcome.

Thank you for the quick reply. My issue was indeed the Nav Mesh. I set up everything correctly, but I failed to actually cover any noticeable area with the mesh. After increasing its size, the AI characters are moving around like they should.


Thanks for the update. I’m glad you resolved the issue.

I am pleased to announce that Diverse AI has been selected for the January 18 - February 1 Showcase rotation. I have requested a 15% discount (still awaiting confirmation by Epic staff) to be applied for the duration of the Showcase.

Because Diverse AI is still relatively new, I would like to extend an opportunity for those who purchased the product prior to the start of the Showcase period, to have their name (username) displayed in an “Early Adopters” section of the project OR the documentation (I am waiting for an answer from Epic staff regarding whether names in projects would violate marketplace policy or not). If you are interested in this opportunity, then please send a message to my email and I will provide further instructions.

Diverse AI is now on sale for the duration of the showcase.