Upcoming Horror Game "NightClub" Level Preview - Pre Alpha -

Hey guys,

     Still working on my horror game, I've got a new video of a level i am working on for it.   Thought run it by you great people in the forums to see what you thought,  all opinions are welcome.

We are a two man company and this is our first game. Thanks again.


Aaron Tofani - AntiSocial Games

Finished modeling a bottle for the game, check it out. :slight_smile:


Statue Screenshot

Man I was half expecting a jumpscare at the end of that video. Also, those statues look absolutely amazing! I LOVE the neon tubes, and the lighting is excellent.

Nice work!

Hey thanks alot for checking it out! Jumpscare’s definately will be in the final game, (also gonna come up with some sort of crazy way to make them unpredictable) Just showing off levels for now.

Thanks again!

Aaron Tofani - AntiSocial Games