Upcoming Devkit update 238.0, Week of March 27th

In the patch notes for the upcoming 238 release, there is the mention of a “Epic 4K Texture Deployment (all textures at source resolution)!”
Can we get some info as to the size of this update? All textures at source resolution seems like it would be a huge update (size wise) and it would be good to make sure I have the space on my ark modding SSD.
This wouldn’t be a huge issue, but getting a giant update mid week just before the contest submission deadline could cause problems if you want to be fully up to date. Thanks!

(Also, really a Dunkleosteus? Is there not enough stuff in the water to kill me already?)

Patch notes:
Week of March 27

  • New ‘Dino’: Woolly Rhino!
  • New ‘Dino’: Eurypterid!
  • New ‘Dino’: Dunkleosteus!
  • Breeding Mechanics Phase 2
  • Tribe Member Rankings with Customizable Per-Rank Privileges
  • Epic 4K Texture Deployment (all textures at source resolution)! Better texture pool utilization at all Texture setting levels

Just to comment on your “contest submission deadline”: You are allowed to update your Mod during each phase of the contest. So I would recommend uploading something that might not be up to date but stable and update your Mod as soon as you feel like it’s ready.

Besides that I do not expect a DevKit update before then end of the submission deadline. Common sense kinda dictates that. :smiley:

I only wish I had as much faith as you.
Good point about the updating though, I had forgotten about that.

Well I think wildcard is judging based on the version at the submission deadline, once it goes to live voting I’m not sure how that will change.

I know for a fact that they tested version that got updated after the deadline. Including one of the winners. Especially since this specific entry was broken on submission day. (no salt, just facts - my entry didn’t deserve it anyway cause I was so **** lazy :D)

Edit: but non of that guarantees that they actually do it this time. So yeah, stay with what IONIC said. :smiley:

Guys, and gals, all I’m asking for here is the estimated size of the upcoming kit update. This doesn’t need to be a in depth explanation as to what Wildcard will or will not do.

We are a little unsure of what this will do in terms of the dev kit side. I am leaning towards the optimistic side and hoping we won’t see a dramatic size increase. Of course, we won’t know until everything is compiled. Oh and We’re getting a dev kit update out tomorrow!! ( April Fools!! =D )

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