UPathFollowingComponent::CurrentMoveInput not set to zero when movement ceases

Pretty self-explanatory. I dot GetCurrentMoveInput with my forward/right vectors so I can get “input axis” values that match how player input axes work. This (and other things) lets my AI and player use the same animation.

I had to derive my own AIController class so I could pass this info from the path-follower up to the blueprints and it all works fine – except when the AI is done moving, the CurrentMovementInput still has non-zero values.

The work-around is to go off of UCharacterMovementComponent::CurrentAcceleration and MaxAcceleration. I can use those to work back to the 0.0->1.0 range. Then everything works as expected.

This is, IMO, a bug in the path-follower code so I thought I would post it.

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