Up-To-Date 2D Tutorial?

Hello everyone, I’m new to Unreal and was excited to see that it is a viable option for creating 2D games as opposed to using Unity for 2D and Unreal for 3D.

However, I can not for the life of me find a single tutorial that isn’t years old. The only “official” tutorial (here) is God awful as it flies through everything and picks and chooses what to explain, sometimes using hotkeys without even saying what to do. (This isn’t unique to me, many youtube comments point this out).

Other tutorials I’ve found I’ve started to follow and they work pretty well, however they’re always from 2015 or older and some of the techniques and terms have been changed / renamed. In some cases, actual functionality has been changed it seems. Most recently I got halfway through this tutorial and was able to tell what has been changed after a little digging, but it seems to have fallen apart when it got to character spawning / controlling and his instructions were no longer working (I double checked both his text tutorial and video tutorial).

Do any 2016/2017 tutorials exist for 2D? Am I better off jumping right into making a simple game from scratch and looking up every step? Should I use Unity instead for 2D? (I’d really rather learn Unreal)

I think this Unreal Engine 4 2D Platformer Tutorial:
and this Unreal Engine 4 2D scroller Tutorial:
would be very helpfull on your road to Unreal Engine.