up and down stairs building..

It seems like I’m going threw a lot of trouble trying to build a up and down stairs house/ room without and light leaks. Anybody have any perspective how to do so within max…? MY non destructive work flows results in error. Nothing fancy… Just a first and second floor square we say without any light errors. Im’m great on light mapping that’s not the prob.

Make sure you have some thickness to your floor/ceiling but most importantly make sure you don’t have a continuous wall mesh that serves both floors.
This is an example of a mistake I’ve made. 1 huge meshe that intersect another meshe in the corridor. Should’ve made it 3 meshes total, one on each side to avoid the sun to leak through. I suppose you have the same problem between your floors.


bump!!! I’ve watched countless tutorials and none of them tell you have to make a building successfully

How have you build your geometry? In games everything is built modular. You have to do the same for architecture.