Up and down movement?

Hey folks,

I have a quick question.

How does one go about creating up and down motion for a Sidscroller? I pretty much want to be able to move in all axis, I have tried everything a quick example of how to do this would be appreciated.

hey there,

I have tried everything

means you tried to translate to an axis and it failed? What means Up/Down? Along Z-Axis? Then translate your object on Z-Axis with input ;).

Really im not sure what you wanna do and where the problem lies

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Hi !

Sorry I was really tired when I posted this question.

I’m trying to accomplish Z-Axis movement using the side scroller template. The kind of game I’m making uses a ship so I don’t need bi-pedal jumping. I’ve tried using the jump input that comes with the template, I’ve tried translating it in the Z direction on add movement input node and nothing has happened its almost like its locked.

Hey Nednarb1986

There was a great twitch stream last week, that went over this movement. Check it out here:

Hope that helps!!

Thanks I will need to check this out!

Edit: Oh this is about Paper2D I’m using the 3d Side Scrolling Template, I’m sure the principles are the same though.

do you use the Sidescroller template?

I havnt used it yet but im sure they have locked movement on z-axis, i would check your pawns properties if there is a lock on Z somewhere. In case you havent checked that yet

Yeah I am using the SideScroller template, I was kind of digging through to see what I could do and I really wasn’t able to find anything.

Go to SideScrollerCharacter blueprint, in ‘Components’ tab (top-left) select CharacterMovement (Inherited), in ‘Details’ tab scroll to bottom and find ‘Planar Movement’ section. Uncheck ‘Constrain to Plane’. Done.

This option appears not to be available as of 4.11.2. Does anyone know how this works now?