Up and Coming New Developer

Hello everyone, I am a gamer for several decades and know how to program. I have learned C++, VBA, C#, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Python, and dabbled a bit in PHP as well. I am not a pro in any of the languages but I do know how to program in them all. The most I have programmed are websites for work that our Customer Service Reps use every day along with VBA scripts that run in Excel.

My favorite types of games to play are RPGs (JRPGs) and RTS games. I would love to pick people’s brains on tips with UE5. I will be learning UE5 and want to create great games with amazing stories but also teach the players things about the world that they live in. My favorite part of games is the music but I don’t know how to get good music in games right now, any tips? Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!!