UObject() cons called but it's not the object that's currently being constructed with NewObject?

Hello I have some code that I have been trying to resolve today but I’m not sure. The code looks correct but it compiles both in the editor and in visual studio code. When it runs the editor crashes with the error?

It’s failing at for example

ProcSolarSystem = NewObject<ProcSolarSystem>(this, ProcSolarSystem::StaticClass());

ProcSolarSystem = NewObject<ProcSolarSystem>();

The code is at

The log is Log - Pastebin.com

What I am doing is creating 3 classes called ProcSolarSystem, ProcGalaxy, and ProcOrbital as derived UObjects. I created a component as a actor component ProcGalaxyController that would have access to the objects. Any thoughts?

Vivienne Anthony

I found this https://answers.unrealengine.com/que…6179/view.html. Maybe it is an engine error.
I’d try to load the project with commented out constructors in UProcGalaxy and UProcGalaxyController and see if it works.

How did it go? Someone mentioned what I was doing it somewhat buggie. For some reason everything needs the UProperty() which is odd. Someone with technical knowledge of the inner UE workings probably would know best. What I ended up doing was not using the UObject and just used plain C++ with access to the game API. The end result is this Functional Galaxy Generator - YouTube

The galaxy I simply populated a more friendly UE friendly structure in a a bp.